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Quality Assurance & Training

Driving Better Quality Care

Quality of Service Care

With the current healthcare labour crisis across the UK, the demand for skilled care and support assistant is reaching a tipping point. As a business, we are aware of this and are working with our clients to deal with this crisis by offering highly trained Carers and Support Workers to avert the negative effect of labour
shortages on the healthcare services they offer across their service centres and homes.


We are constantly striving for quality care. We make sure that as a care recruitment agency, we are able to offer the best care offered by our nurses and carers. We have put systems and departments in place to make sure we are able to constantly evaluate the quality of care our Healthcare staff offer to our clients and to various service users across different care homes across the UK

  • Superior care and outcomes
  • Outstanding service user support
  • Care delivered in a timely manner
  • Fair, unbiased support for our clients

Medical Center and Children’s Hospital San Francisco, which are part of the University of California, San Francisco, provide services ranging from primary care to organ and bone marrow transplants to intensive care for newborns. Our patients make 750,000 visits to our clinics annually, and our hospitals admit about 30,000 patients each year.

As a care recruitment agency based in Leeds, our progress in maintaining the highest standards of care is:


  • Fully functional Quality Assurance Team to manage the quality of the work that we do
  • Updated Learning Management System to make sure our staff have access to the knowledge they need to effectively work as carers and nurses at their various homes
  • All members staff, carers and nurses included go through a rigorous vetting process. 
  • Industry Standards: Nurses/Care workers are screened to the relevant standards and our clients have access to neccessary documents for each staff including DBS checks, work references,
    previous employment, disclosures etc
  • Training, DBS, Pre-compliance checks: All staff achieved their relevant qualifications and requisite training needed to effectively perform their jobs as Carers or Support
  • Dedicated AccountManager/Recruiter: We assign a dedicated account manager/ recruiter to each client to determine the optimal staff solution based on their unique needs and requirements in order to build a long-term relationship.

  • We will send you a profile for every staff member booked to work at your service—this will include DBS info, training, and vaccination status
  • 95% of our Workforce is double vaccinated and we will always send evidence of this to you
  • We offer industry standard training to our staff to enable them to perform their jobs effectively.