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Supported Living Service

What is Supported Living?

Launching City Force's Supported Living Service in Leeds

Supported living is a care service that helps people needing some type of care support which could be physical or emotional with the aim of helping them live a satisfying life in their homes or in any available housing while still maintaining their independence. 


Our services are delivered by expert supported living homecare managers with years of caring experience under their belts. Our homecare managers have the requisite training and certification needed to perform their tasks effectively. City Force Healthcare is also certified by the CQC to conduct Supported Living 


adults with learning disabilities per 100,000 adult population were living in supported care in England


adults with learning disabilities were receiving long-term social care support in England

Public Health England Learning Disabilities Observatory


per 100,000 adults with learning disabilities in England were living in supported

Public Health England Learning Disabilities Observatory
Supported Living Service

Your Family’s Partner

We are passionate about the people that matter in your life. We believe they deserve the best care they can receive. Our team of expert supported living carers and care managers are equipped to provide exceptional care and support to children and young adults with learning and physical disabilities across West Yorkshire.


Our CQC approved supported living service cater for the needs of people of all ages and ethnicity. We appreciate diversity and we constantly create an atmosphere where everyone is welcome and can express themselves as much as they can.

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Speak To Your GP

We recommend that you speak to your GP about your decision to use a Supported Living Service

We Set You Up

We work with you and yopur family to make the perfect plan to help you maximise your experience and we then set you up.

Move In To Support you

After all the initial processes have been completed, we can then process you to enable enjoy our supported living service