Maria Olupitan

Director, City Force

About me

Our Director, Maria has over 22 years of nursing and caring experience across the UK, working in the NHS and in private care.



 She has been a Registered Nurse for over 2 decades and has worked with people living with dementia , the elderly and people with some time of disability. Maria also has experience both as a caregiver and as a nurse. She has worked across different care organisations and hospitals across the UK.



She is passionate about quality care for all individuals, working collaboratively with families, carers and staff to ensure that everyone involved understands each person’s needs. Maria believes that providing holistic care is key to ensuring people are able to live their lives as fully as possible. This includes ensuring that those who work within our care agency are well supported by colleagues and managers so they too can achieve the highest standards possible.


Recruiting, Caring


Music, Cooking

Work History

22 Year Healthcare Experience