Kiearan Solanki

Care staff coordinator

About me

Kiearan is a professional recruiter and workforce coordinator with 5 years of recruitment experience under his belt. He has worked in many industries, including finance and technology. He has worked with small businesses, large corporations and startups

He is an expert at recruiting candidates with relevant skills, experience and education to position them for success.


Kiearan has worked on both sides of the table as an employee and as a candidate. He understands the importance of making the right decision about career paths and employers.

Kiearan has been recognized by his employers for his excellent customer service skills, interpersonal relationships and ability to build rapport quickly with prospective employees.


Kiearan understands how to match up individual skills and personalities with the needs of a given company. This approach has helped him build lasting relationships with many of his clients over the years.


In his free time, Kiearan enjoys spending time outdoors with his family and friends, as well as playing sports such as golf or tennis at local clubs around town.


Recruiting, Sales


Music, Art, Travelling

Work History

4 Year Sales Experience